Centric GB Displays


Product Features

  • Multiple Inputs - DVI, VGA, NTSC/PAL, and S-Video
  • Unique Appearance - Pure Glass with Remote Control
  • Deep Dimming - 0 to 100% via "Potentiometer"
  • Marine Compliance - ABS, IEC 60945, IEC 61174 & IEC 62388
  • Picture in Picture - and Picture beside Picture capable
Product Downloads
Brochure Installation Guide Manual
Technical Data/Drawings 15.0" 19.0"
22.0" 26.0"

Centric GB Displays

A complete line of dedicated marine displays

Following the line for our commitment to thin edge design, and the cleanest possible look for your pilothouse, the Centric GB displays from Nauticomp keep the complete look and feel of a “Glass Bridge” of the future. This line of type approved displays meet the demands of today’s high end recreational yachts and commercial vessels alike. All units have been designed for multiple display installations with a compact remote designed to control up to 5 displays from a single keypad! Multiple inputs, allow today’s high tech captain to have all sources, available at each display, with total redundancy. Design your pilothouse around the Centric GB, and combine the real “Glass Bridge”, with first class quality of Nauticomp products.


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