• Quick Sync Updating
  • 3D Bathymetric Data Display
  • Satellite Imagery
  • Perspective Photos & Diagrams
  • Chart Presentation
  • Fishing Contour Data (for most US waters)







C-Map by Jeppesen Max Pro Cartography

MAX Pro, C-Map by Jeppesen's latest PC-based charting technology, is an advanced electronic charting standard designed for use on high performance navigation systems. Coupled with Nobeltec® Navigation Software (Admiral 11 or VNS 11), MAX Pro takes electronic charting to new dimensions, guaranteeing an exclusive navigation experience to the most demanding navigators. Each purchase or unlock of a MAX Pro title includes a complimentary, one year subscription to MAX Pro's Quick Updating feature, offering unlimited updates on demand. You'll always navigate with the most accurate charts and updated information. MAX Pro is premium chart technology for the light marine market and is loaded with professional navigation features like: Quick Sync Updating, 3D Bathymetric Data, Satellite Imagery Overlay, Tides and Currents, Perspective Photos & Diagrams, Fishing Contour Data and more.


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